Ballard Industrial's core market has expanded significantly over the years. The driver for this expansion has been our knowledge of the products we sell and how they can be used in real world applications to boost productivity and reduce costs across a wide range of industries.

Initially we focused on the North Pacific Fishing Fleet, shore based processors as well as the boat & shipyards and ancillary businesses that supported them. What we learned serving this demanding clientele became the foundation of the service model that has attracted customers from the many segments we service today.

While we see each customer and their operational goals as unique. We find a lot of commonality in how they want to be serviced and the value added requirements requisite to success. We are ready and capable of meeting those challenges across broad market segments with a menu of products and services backed by a superior customer experience organization. 

Industries Served


The aerospace industry represents a very large market in the Pacific Northwest where we make our home. From commercial aircraft assembly to the hundreds of supporting manufacturers producing direct materials in steel, aluminum, titanium and composites, to tooling and fixtures, ground support equipment and more. This is a dynamic market and one we are proud to support.



We support a wide range of construction companies regionally. Mechanical Contractors, Marine Constructors, General Contractors, Crane Erectors, Electrical Contractors, virtually all types of construction companies engaged in commercial, civil, plant turn-arounds and more can be found among our varied customers. Our region has been a hot bed of construction activity for some time and the sector looks to remain strong for the foreseeable future.



From Hydro-Electric plants, Wind Turbine Farms, Natural Gas Power Plants, Biomass Power Generation, Nuclear and Solar, Ballard Industrial has the products, expertise and logistics capabilities for new construction and maintaining these various plant types. Our expertise related to the sale and after sale service and certification of man-rider winches presents particular value to this market sector.



Our roots run deep in supporting the North Pacific Fishing Fleet and related processing Industries. A demanding and unforgiving industry, many of these companies have relied on our large inventory, superior service and ability to get products on site whenever and wherever required.


  • Assembly
  • Food Processing
  • Machining
  • Maintenance
  • Metal Fabricating
  • Petro Chem
  • Primary Metals
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Ship Building & Repair